Thrive Breakfast from Shelf Reliance Giveaway

  I am one of those people that believes in the importance of being prepared. Let’s face it you never know whats around the corner. A few years ago we had an extremely rare ice storm in Texas. It was so bad the state ran out of de-icer at the airports. We had a three inch thick  layer of ice at the ranch so ya know we weren’t going anywhere. The twenty miles of driving up and down hills on the way to town didn’t need to be tried. Our local Wal-mart actually closed for several days. Some people lost power and we were grateful for the pantry. Aw the pantry. This is my way of being prepared. I try to have at least a weeks worth of food in there for our family. You know, just in case something like the ice storm happened.

If you are wondering what the best way to start your food storage system I suggest the great folks over at Shelf Reliance. These guys have…more

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