Somersault Snacks

  Ok. y’all like sunflowers, I know ya do. Somersault Snacks  sells the best tasting nut free sunflower seed nuggets. These snacks are super yummy and come in several flavors. If you are going to snack, why not make it count. Somersaults Snacks have 6g of protein and 3 g of fiber per delicious serving. They sent me over some of their tasty snacks for review. Let’s check em out.

Cinnamon Crunch

Bite sized nuggets of goodness. Toasted nutty flavor with a a touch of cinnamon. Love these. Addictive flavor.

Cinnamon Crunch bakes warm cinnamon into our whole wheat dough to create a delightful yet healthy treat. A little sprinkle of sweetness makes this perfect crunchy snack a coffee pairing delight! With just 7g of sugar (that’s 42% less than a granola bar!), this treat is a good-for-you twist on Grandma’s home baked cinnamon rolls.

  • Cinnamon is a great source of fiber, iron, and calcium!

Pacific Sea Salt

Oh, that’s good. Combo of seeds and grain in a crunchy nugget bite sized delight, Perfect amount of Pacific Sea Salt.

When we began our quest to make scrumptious, healthy snacks out of seeds, we developed our original flavor, Pacific Sea Salt. The touch of sea salt on these crunchy nuggets is sourced right here in our own backyard, the San Francisco Bay, and highlights the nutty taste of sunflower and sesame seeds. Pacific Sea Salt is sure to twirl your taste buds.

  • The same fiber but 92% less sugar than an apple.

Dutch Cocoa

Nice chocolatey smell. Dark crunchy cocoa flavored nugget of goodness. Y’all know this one is my favorite.

Hailed as the perfect pick-me-up snack with just a touch of cocoa sweetness, our Dutch Cocoa pairs perfectly with your afternoon latte. Dutch Cocoa has just as much protein as a serving of almonds but has less fat and fewer calories. You are sure to satisfy your chocolate chip cookie craving and keep on going until dinner time.

  • Fewer carbs and 82% less sugar than a low fat yogurt.

Salty Pepper

Nice fresh cracked pepper flavor mixes well with toasty seedy deliciousness.

Love crunchy, salty, pepper, vegan, high protein and addictive all in one snack? Give our savory Salty Pepper snack, made with a touch of garlic and onion, a whirl! Enjoy at the movies, on your next bike ride or snack on while studying. Even better, serve at your next dinner party as a nut-free snack your guests are sure to enjoy.

  • 22% less fat and fewer calories than potato chips.

Santa Fe Salsa

Nice. Hubby’s favorite. Twangy sour cream taste in a crunchy and wonderful salsa flavored nugget.

Toasted sunflower seeds and grains baked with chili pepper, cilantro, a touch of jalapeno and a dash of lime give this nugget a delicious zesty bite. A perfect snack for your next backyard barbeque, beach bonfire or fiesta. Olé!

  • Twice the protein and less sodium than pretzel sticks.

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Somersault Snacks and get ya some of these great tasting, healthy snacks

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