Freeplay Energy Giveaway

  One thing is for sure. You almost never know when the power is going to go out. So, what is the best thing to do? Be prepared. When you are looking for a great place to buy wind up and solar products for emergency preparedness or even for camping adventures head over to Freeplay Energy for all your needs. They sent over…more

Big Bear Outback Oilskin by Cov-ver Hats

 Hubby is a hat kind of guy. So he was super stoked when he got to review a hat from Adventure Hat. He was sent the Big Bear Outback Oilskin by Cov-ver Hats. Let’s check it out.

Big Bear Outback Oilskin by Cov-ver Hats

The Big Bear is made from waterproof oiled cotton called “Oilskin”. Oilskin was originally used by sailors in the 1800’s to protect them from the driving rain. They would make coats from sail cloth and soak it in oils and waxes to make them waterproof. Also features a hand braided leather hat band and chin cord. The brim is shapeable to fit your style. Brim size is 2.75″. Made by Cov-ver hats.
  As you can see the Big Bear Outback Oilskin gives Hubby that masculine outdoors look. Like he needed any help. Everyone who has seen this hat loves it. Rugged and stylish at the same time. The hat arrived quickly and packaged really well. No worries about the delivery guy messing with your order. Hubby likes that it has a shape-able brim so you can change your look. Fits comfortably. Used the fit guide on the site and got the perfect size right off. Well constructed and made to last, this hat is sure to be part of Hubby’s wardrobe for years to come.
Adventure Hat Sells Hats in these Categories:
Harley Davidson
and so many more

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Naki Nagi Body Scrubs

  Alright, y’all know I love being pampered. I love all things that smell great and make you feel fabulous in the bath or shower. I found a great online store  called Naki Nagi. These guys make wonderful Handmade Body Scrubs. I was sent Their Strawberry Sea Salt Body Scrub for review. Let’s check it out.

Naki Nagi Strawberry Sea Salt Body Scrub

First I wanna tell ya how fantastic this scrub smells. I literally wanted to eat it right out of the jar. The strawberry fragrance is amazing. Fresh and sweet. Through a bit of restraint I was able not to eat the scrub. Good thing too as it, unlike most body scrubs, contains anti-bacterial soap.  So I get in the shower, shake the jar like the instructions say, and open the lid. To use all you have to do is dip in your fingers and get a bit of the scrub. Rub between palms and all over body in a circular motion. Feels great. Not harsh at all. Leaves skin soft and smelling amazing. Skin glows with healthy moisture.


Strawberry: Sea salt, grapeseed oil, antibacterial soap, fragrance oil, strawberry seeds, almond oil

I love the Inspiration part on the Naki Nagi website so I just had to share how Naki Nagi got it’s name.

Naki Nagi [pronounced Na-Kee Na-gee] is a combination of the Hebrew word “Naki”, meaning clean, and “Nagi”, the Russian word for legs. The name blends the cultures that define me, Jewish and Russian, with my love for my two Siberian cats – Mishka and Gorbie (short for Gorbachev)., who happen to have the fluffiest,  “Naki Nagi” (clean legs).. Naki Nagi represents a unique combination that results in a one-of-a-kind handmade body scrub made with love and appreciation for its ingredients and formulation.

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Mari Winsor’s Lower Body Pilates DVD from Gaiam

 Ever wanted to do Pilates, but were scared to try? If so you sound like me. I tried a few years ago and I guess I had to advanced a DVD . All I could think was why does anyone want to do this to their body. It plain hurt. Then I found out about Mari Winsor’s Lower Body Pilates DVD from Gaiam.

Mari is known as America’s #1 Pilates instructor and I know why. She is great. The first day I did the “Slim and Sculpt Hip Routine”. My hips and thighs need to be worked to stay in shape.  Y’all know I was skeptical at first, but the exercises really were not as hard as I thought they would be. Like I said Mari is an excellent instructor. The young lady that is doing the exercises has perfect form so you can easily see how to do each move properly.

I enjoy this workout. The transitions are slow enough for me to keep up with the moves. Some workouts change so quickly that my mind and body just can’t keep up with the instructor. No problem here. Mari Winsor’s Lower Body Pilates is a wonderful way to get a great lengthen, strengthen and tone workout.

Mari Winsor’s Lower Body Pilate DVD
Mari Winsor’s Lower Body Pilates DVD is available exclusively from Gaiam.
Lengthen, strengthen and tone with America’s #1 Pilates instructor. Master Pilates instructor Mari Winsor brings three dynamic workouts focusing on areas of the body people have asked for most –hips, thighs, and glutes. Follow Mari’s targeted 20-minute sessions and you’ll begin to see trimmer legs, a tighter waist and a beautifully defined backside. 60 minutes. Made in the USA.

  • Trim and tone hips, thighs and glutes
  • Includes three complete workouts, plus a bonus download
  • “Slim & Sculpt Hip Routine” helps you slim down and sculpt a lean, toned waist line with this body-shaping Pilates workout (20 minutes).
  • “Trim & Tone Thigh Routine” is a power Pilates session that focuses on lengthening and tightening the thigh muscles for leaner and more defined legs. (20 minutes).
  • “Lift & Sculpt Glute Workout” gives you a rock-hard backside with this routine, which focuses on firming, lifting and shaping your glutes.
  • Bonus download: “Express Abs” – Get flatter, longer, sleeker ab muscles with this focused core workout (10 minutes).
  • Made exclusively by Gaiam

Gaiam offer products in these great categories:

Clothing & Accessories
Home & Garden
Yoga & Fitness
Personal Care & Wellness

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Novica $35 Gift Certificate Giveaway

  I have been in awe of National Geographic Magazine since I was very young. My grandparents had a huge collection of the magazines. They literally had decades saved up in National Geographic boxes organized by year. This is where I get my passion for exotic locations and items from all over the world. I found an incredible way to bring those out of the ordinary products from afar to your home. Novica in association with National Geographic is one of my favorite places to shop for gifts from around the world. Novica let me choose a product from their wide variety for review. I choose Garnet Button earrings. Momma’s birthstone is garnet and she loves the stone. Since I love her, I thought she deserved a random, non Birthday/Mother’s Day etc… gift. Sometimes it’s nice to get an I love you present…more

Timeless Family Classics DVD

  The “Timeless Family Classics” DVD collection from Mill Creek Entertainment is the perfect way to bring back movie night with the family. I remember watching movies with my parents and loving spending that time together. I was sent “Timeless Family Classics” for review and I love this collection. Like everything I have seen from Mill Creek Entertainment, you can tell someone took the time to put together the perfect selection of Family Classics. I love the titles and list of actors and actresses.  You can’t go wrong with Shirley Temple, Laurel and Hardy,Jack Benny and Kirk Douglas.

This collection of color and  black and white films will be sure to provide hours of family entertainment. These are the classics. Masterpieces. Here is a partial list of included titles:

The Little Princess (1939) Color Shirley Temple

Lost Honeymoon (1947) B&W Franchot Tone

Lost in the Stratosphere (1934) B&W June Collyer

The Lost World (Silent) (1925) B&W Wallace Beery

The Medicine Man (1930) B&W Jack Benny

Mr. Boggs Steps Out (1938) B&W Stuart Erwin

My Dear Secretary (1949) B&W Kirk Douglas

My Favorite Brunette (1947) B&W Bob Hope

There are even a couple of silent movies thrown in. I love these movies. Share these Timeless Family Classics with your family. Over 62 hours in 50 movies.

Check out this classic clip:

Over 62 hours of Family Enjoyment!

Enjoy hours of Hollywood’s all-time family masterpieces. This collection is sure to delight viewers of all ages. These 50 movies feature many of Hollywood’s most beloved performers such as, Ginger Rogers Kirk Douglas, Jack Benny, Douglas Fairbanks and James Cagney and many more classic stars.

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