Brooklyn Slate Company

  Looking for a unique gift for a wedding, house warming party, birthday etc…? I have a fantastic idea for ya. Check out Brooklyn Slate Company. These guys sell beautiful all purpose boards made from slate. I love slate, it is so rustic and lovely. They sent us a Red Slate Cheese Board and Black Slate Beverage Coasters for review. I love em both. Super classy looking without being pretentious. Let’s Check em out.

Slate Cheese Board

Perfect for entertaining. You can use to set out cheeses, sushi or fruits. Basically any hors d’oeuvres would really stand out on this beautiful slate board. I like that they include a chalk stick for writing descriptions on the board. Say you have several types of cheese, you can let your guests know what they are being served. Available in Black or Red.

  • rustic natural slate
  • dishwasher safe
  • non-porous & food safe
  • soapstone pencil included for identifying cheeses right on the board
  • anti-slip padded feet included

A distinctive natural surface for serving cheeses & hors d’oeuvres. Cheese boards come in red or black with a natural edge. Sourced from our family quarry in upstate New York, each cheese board is packaged with a burlap bag alongside soapstone chalk and anti-slip padded feet.

Slate Beverage Coaster

These are so pretty My set came in black. This color is perfect for my western decor. Goes with everything in the house. I love that these coasters have a cork bottom to protect your furniture. These would make an incredible addition to your home or as a gift for someone you love. Available in Black, Red or Plum.

  • set of 4 coasters
  • rustic natural slate
  • sturdy 3/8″ thickness
  • cork reinforced backing protects counters & tables

Slate’s ability to withstand a range of temperatures makes it ideal for a hot cup of coffee or an ice cold beer. Sourced from our family quarry in upstate New York, our coasters come in four packs as red, black, or plum.

Brooklyn Slate Company Sells Products in These Categories:

Boards and Provisions



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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Brooklyn Slate Company and get ya some of these great slate products.

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