Reviews of Products I love

 Hubby is a hat kind of guy. So he was super stoked when he got to review a hat from Adventure Hat. He was sent the Big Bear Outback Oilskin by Cov-ver Hats. Let’s check it out.

Big Bear Outback Oilskin by Cov-ver Hats

The Big Bear is made from waterproof oiled cotton called “Oilskin”. Oilskin was originally used by sailors in the 1800’s to protect them from the driving rain. They would make coats from sail cloth and soak it in oils and waxes to make them waterproof. Also features a hand braided leather hat band and chin cord. The brim is shapeable to fit your style. Brim size is 2.75″. Made by Cov-ver hats.
  As you can see the Big Bear Outback Oilskin gives Hubby that masculine outdoors look. Like he needed any help. Everyone who has seen this hat loves it. Rugged and stylish at the same time. The hat arrived quickly and packaged really well. No worries about the delivery guy messing with your order. Hubby likes that it has a shape-able brim so you can change your look. Fits comfortably. Used the fit guide on the site and got the perfect size right off. Well constructed and made to last, this hat is sure to be part of Hubby’s wardrobe for years to come.
Adventure Hat Sells Hats in these Categories:
Harley Davidson
and so many more

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Adventure Hat and get ya some of these great hats.


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