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  Hylunia Skincare Sent over their Dry/Mature/Sun Damaged Travel Kit for review. This travel sized  bag is full of some terrific skin essentials from Hylunia. These aren’t your ordinary skincare products. This is the good stuff. Hylunia is used at some of the finest spas. Let’s check out what they sent me.

Facial Cleansing Lotion

The scent for this one can only be described as clean with a hint of aloe. Covers easily and leaves skin feeling refreshed and super clean.

Remove impurities without losing critical natural oils from your skin. This gentle yet effective cleanser is water-activated, doesn’t irritate sensitive skin and keeps your skin hydrated while removing dirt and impurities. PH balanced for all skin types, especially for dry/mature skin types.

Colloidal Silver with Lavender Floral Water

Spritz this one on after cleansing. Feels cool. Love the lavender fragrance

One of our bestselling products, this high-performance toner combines the curative powers of Colloidal Silver with the soothing properties of Lavender to keep your soft, healthy and radiant. Suitable for all skin types and skin suffering from acne, cuts or burns.

Beyond Complex C

Orangish colored lotion gives skin a youthful feel. Actually evened out my skin tone without reddening.

Beyond Complex C is our youth in a bottle! This breakthrough anti-aging formula delivers a rapid dose of Vitamin C that visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The serum effectively minimizes free radical damage and aids in collagen synthesis to reduce sun damage, minimize irritation, and soothe redness due to rosacea.

Super Moisturizing Facial Day Lotion

Use this fresh scented lotion every morning to keep your face looking and feeling full of moisture.

This all-in-one day formula is packed with the super-moisturizer, Hyaluronic Acid, combined with anti-oxidants to minimize wrinkles and prevent premature aging of the skin. Micro-sized titanium dioxide provides effective blocking of photo-damaging ultraviolet A and B rays. Suitable for all skin types.

Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Treatment

Perfect way to end your daily skincare regimen. Apply at night for a renewing of the nutrients your face is craving.

The ultimate age-defying treatment that combines all of the most potent vitamins, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents for smoother skin that is visibly renewed, softer, younger-looking.

Dry / Sun-Damaged Skin Travel Kit

This travel kit is specially designed for dry or sun-damaged skin and includes the following products:

  • Facial Cleansing Lotion
  • Colloidal Silver with Lavender Floral Water
  • Super Moisturizing Facial Day Lotion
  • Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Treatment
  • Beyond Complex C

Product Benefits

  • Cleanses all skin types, even extremely sensitive or dry skin, or skin suffering from cuts or burns.
  • Rapid action Vitamin C visibly reduces fine lines.
  • Honors the pH and hydrolipidic integrity of the skin.
  • Moisture balanced with Hyaluronic acid, helping to preserve your skin’s natural moisture without interrupting vital cellular air interchange

Hylunia Skincare Sells Products in these Great Categories:

Face Care

Body Care

Systems and Kits

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Ready to buy?  Five Star rated Hylunia Skincare can be yours. Just visit their site and try it out for yourself.


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