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  Y’all know how hard it is to haul around all the stuff you need to take along with baby. Holding onto the stroller, a diaper bag and a couple bags of groceries makes it kinda difficult to get to the car. Well, no more worries about that. Mom Dad and Baby have sent me one of their Mommy Hooks for review. I’m telling you this hook is your answer. The Mommy Hook is super sturdy and can hold plenty. It is perfect for hooking onto baby’s stroller or your shopping cart. This cool contraption won’t slide around either.

The Mommy Hook Holds:

Diaper Bags

Shopping Bags

Camera Bags




Athletic Accessories

and lots, lots more

The Mommy Hook

You’ll be totally hooked on our indispensable mommy accessory. Built to last, lightweight and versatile, The Mommy Hook fits virtually all stroller handles. Use The Mommy Hook on your stroller or shopping cart to hold diaper bags, shopping bags, camera bags, groceries, toys, purses, and much more. You can also use The Mommy Hook to carry items from your car to your home.

Also available from Mom, Dad and Baby I was  sent  an extremely cute book for Baby’s Bath. This waterproof book is a fun way to start teaching baby how to count to ten and learn about animals at the same time. There are  pics of cuddly stuffed animals throughout the book, like 3 pandas, 4 elephants etc… Love it.

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to Mom, Dad and Baby and get ya some of these great products.


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