MindWare Toys – Brainy Toys For Kids of All Ages

  I admit it. I am one of those parents that doesn’t buy into the whole television commercialization set of toys available for kids. I say let the children learn as they play. Let em know that learning is fun. I always bought my kids toys that would enrich their minds while they played. I have to admit I did cave in and buy a “Tickle me Elmo” for my youngest. Funny thing is even though she wanted one so bad she never really played with it once she owned one. The girls always went back to the toys the other Moms said were to old for my kids or just weren’t fun. Apparently my girls liked em because they played and learned alot. Educational toys are a fantastic way to get your kids off to a good start. The school actually wanted my  youngest daughter to skip a couple of grades. We didn’t let her because I wanted her to grow up with friends her own age. Suffice it to say educational toys work.

Now I want to tell y’all about a fantastic place to find an amazing selection of toys for your kiddos to enjoy. MindWare has a slogan “Brainy Toys for Kids of All Ages” and it’s so true. They sent us over a few items to review. Let’s check em out.

Green Science Kits: Set of 3

I absolutely love the set. What better way to introduce your kids to solar, weather and clean water science? And oh the things they get to do with it. Just amazing. Your children will learn how to build working models of a solar oven and solar water heater, use a multi functional weather station, learn about the green house effect with a terrarium, learn the science of cleaning and reusing dirty water, build their own water filtration and desalination plant and disinfect water using the power of the sun. Really the perfect gift for your favorite munchkin. Recommended for children 8 and up.

Experience the Essentials of Environmental Science

Give kids hands-on experience, working through simple and intriguing geophysical science experiments with the Green Science Kits: Set of 3. The Weather Station kit demonstrates how to track meteorological changes and conduct experiments on the greenhouse effect. The Solar Science kit includes everything you need to assemble an oven out of foil and even cook an egg using the power of the sun! The Clean Water Science kit is a desalination kit that extracts salt from “sea water”. Contains a plastic filter system, active carbon, sand, rock, filter paper and instructions.

Brain Teasers Vol. 3

I was also sent a wonderful workbook called Brain Teasers Vol. 3. This book is really cool. It is packed full of mind working activities like extreme dot to dot, intricate color by number, awesome coloring pages, analogy challenges, perplexors etc.. What a great way to keep your children occupied and learning at the same time.


MindWare sells educational toys in these categories:

Books and Brainteasers

Building Sets

Classroom Resources

Creative Activities

Early Learning


Hands-On Puzzles

History and Geography

MindWare Exclusives

Physical Activities and Games

Science and Nature

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to MindWare Toys and get ya some of these fun educational toys.

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