The 7 Habits of Happy Kids Board Game

I love games that are great for the entire family. Educational Insights has another awesome game for ya. This one is called The 7 Habits of Happy Kids. I adore this game. It teaches kids to learn how to value the good things in life, planning ahead, set goals, and to be grateful. Love Love Love this game.

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids Game
Playtime that lasts a lifetime!

A playful way to introduce, practice, and promote 7 kid-friendly principles of personal happiness. Share thoughtful, personal responses, and really listen to each other in this family-friendly game that includes game board, 7 character pieces, 7 token holders, 7 sets of tokens, 12 Wild Ernie tokens, and 1 pair of “Ear-Resistable” Jumper Rabbit ears. For 3–7 players. Grades 1+

How to Play:

1. Players choose their playing pieces – characters are from the best-selling 7 Habits of Happy Kids books!

2. Take turns reading cards, responding, and moving around the board to collect tokens for each of the 7     Habits.

3. The first player to fill his or her token holder with 7 tokens becomes the card reader.

4. Play continues until all players have filled their token holders – a true win-win!

Check out this video to learn more

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