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500 Best Comfort Food Recipes

  Comfort foods are a staple in our house. You know those recipes that have been passed down through the generations that really make you feel, well comforted. We tried out the recipe for Appetizer Beef Meatballs with Sweet and Sour Sauce, Yummm. This is so simple to make and so incredibly delicious. Hubby keeps smacking his lips. Didin’t have a party to host this weekend so we decided to just serve em over rice. Delicious. Here’s a pic of these luscious meatballs:

I can’t wait for payday when we get to try some more. I have not found a recipe that I do not like in any cookbook from Robert Rose. So very impressed with this company.

500 Best Comfort Food Recipes

Comfort foods all have one special thing in common: they make us feel good.
The warmth of soul-satisfying foods evokes memories of childhood favorites — of mom’s kitchen and delicious family dinners. That spells comfort today, and Johanna Burkhard’s recipes are simple and reliable yet incredibly comforting and delicious. Many of them can be made ahead of time and frozen for later use.
Some of these inviting recipes are:

  • Cheese-smothered onion soup
  • Harvest vegetable barley soup
  • One-hour roast chicken with sage and garlic
  • Zesty barbecued spareribs
  • Best-ever meat loaf
  • Amazing chili
  • Mama’s Italian cheeseburgers
  • Spaghetti with creamy tomato clam sauce
  • Wild mushroom risotto
  • Chocolate marshmallow fudge
  • Oven French toast
  • Cheese cornbread
  • Sour cream fudge layer cake with frosting
  • Creamy rice pudding

With recipe shortcuts and serving suggestions throughout, these are 500 dishes that will inspire new comfort food traditions.

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