Reviews of Products I love


Cerra sent over their Sample Set for me to review. It included some gratitude  note cards (To write your feelings of gratitude on), a Cerra mini pen( to write on the cards with), dissolving notes ( you write your feelings on these then dissolve them away in water)

Grounded Hand and Body Lotion ( smells very nice, relaxing and uplifting at the same time, feels really good on the skin This is a wonderful product)

Sensory Oil(these fragrances help create balance in your life I imagine through aroma therapy. I received Creative Energy- Citrusy notes)

I also received three samples of their teas from Art of Tea (All in all not bad tea. I have always felt more relaxed drinking a ho glass of tea I received Grattitude- a white tea infused with marigold petals … Grounded- a beautiful minty experience… and Creative Energy- a delightfull blend))

Cerra is a website that want to help you get in control of your feelings so you can learn to relax, be more grateful and grow personally through products that help your senses focus on their seven intentions. The choices you make effect you and the world around you.

Sample Set

perfect way to try a number of Cerra experiences – or share them with a friend – all at an outstanding value. The Cerra Sample Set includes a combination of full and sample sizes of Keepsake Journal Notes, Dissolving Notes, Sensory Oil, Cerra Tea, and Cerra Lotion – 7 products in all with a retail value of $15. They come in a variety of the Cerra Seven Intentions, so you can sample many of the scents and flavors.

Ready to connect?  Head on over to Cerra and check it out for yourself.


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