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Enfuso Smoked Olive Oil

Y’all I got to sample something I didn’t even know existed. And y’all it is great. I am talking about smoked olive oil. Enfuso is artisan quality. Truly amazing flavored  olive oil from a small family owned company in California. I tested out the bottle I was sent on some veggies. I simply chopped up my veggies, added a little Pacific Flake Salt, Fresh Cracked Pepper and some of this wonderful smoked olive oil. Absolutely scrumptious. The smoky flavor from the olive oil mixed with the grilled vegetables is one of my favorite new ways to eat veggies I am so glad I was able to sample this delicious type of olive oil. Y’all need to give Enfuso a try. You will be so glad you did.

These wonderful olive oils come in several varieties.

1. Smoked – Robust Early Harvest Capay EVOO

2. Smoked – Late Harvest California EVOO

3. Unsmoked – Capay Vally Early Harvest

Want to keep up with all things Enfuso? You can like em on Facebook andfollow em on Twitter, they even have a recipe and idea page.

Ready to buy? Head on over to Enfuso and get ya some of these delicious products. They even have a store locator.


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