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Axami Lingerie

  Axami Lingerie sent me their Seduction thong V-1208 and Seduction push up bra 1201 for review. These are absolutely beautiful undergarments. They are made of excellent materials and the craftsmanship is evident in the quality of these fine pieces.  I really love the way the bra and panties fit. They are as comfortable as they are pretty. Wearing them makes me feel luxurious.


Seduction push up bra 1201

Seduction thong V-1208

Axami sells so many elegant styles of lingerie ranging from seductive to daring. Check out some of these other great pieces:

Euphoria Collection
Subtil Collection

Axami is a Polish lingerie company that started 12 years ago. They design and manufacture push up bras, thongs, shorts, girdles and corsets. Frills light lace and exquisite ornaments adorn these exceptional intimates. Axamieven has a new line of beachwear. Absolutely awesome.

Check out their U.S. and Canada sites to get some of this beautiful lingerie near you

Axami Lingerie – Sexy Lingerie, Plus Lingerie, intimate apparel,

Axami is available through numerous online e-tailers. Here are just a few:

They have a website and  online shop, where you can see all the images of Axami’s collections. Please visit them at

Want to keep up with Axami you can like em on Facebook, sign up for their newsletter or check out their YouTube Channel Warning not a child friendly channel


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