Reviews of Products I love

SuckleBusters BBQ Rubs, Sauces and Seasonings sent over a selection of their fine products for review.

Let’s check em out:

Competition BBQ Rub 4 oz

Delightfully mild flavor accentuates the flavor of your choice of meat. We used it on beef and were quite happy with the results. Smells amazing. in the jar and in the air while cooking. I love being able to enjoy my food even before I get to take a bite. We shredded our SuckleBuster’s Competition Rubbed beef and served in a tortilla with some grated cheese. I think I heard Hubby growling a bit while eating.

Description: SuckleBusters Competition BBQ Rub is made for the competitive cook. This award winning rub is excellent on briskets. It has a sweet and savory flovor with an excellent aroma. Not too much salt. The rub is mild but flavorful and can be used alone or combined with other ingredients to create a more robust flavor profile. The recipe was designed by competition cooks, for competition cooks and has won mutiple GC and RGC calls. This rub makes a great general purpose rub for any BBQ.

Ingredients: Paprika, Pepper, Salt, Sugar and Spices.

Hog Waller 4 oz

Just opening the jar I was delighted with the wonderful aroma. We tried this one out on some beautiful pork chops. We coated the chops with Hog Waller and put em on the griddle. Finished em off in the oven . The flavor was amazing. Hubby says they are the best pork chops he has ever had. This makes me really really happy.

Description: Hog Waller All Natural Pork and Rib Rub. Plop down, rub around in Hog Waller and enjoy the tenderest, juiciest and best tasting ribs in town! This a powerful blend of spices, specially made for pork ribs. But don’t stop there, rub it on any pork; pork butt, country style, loins and chops. Use it on everything but the squeal. This pork rub has a lot of sweet with two types of sugar, salt, pepper, onion, garlic and a nice level of heat provided by cayenne and smoky chipotle. Come on, get a little dirty and rub your ribs in Hog Waller. Betcha get Busted!

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Turbinado Sugar, Brown Sugar, Chile Peppers, Cumin, Black Pepper, Garlic and Onion. Contains NO MSG.

Peach BBQ Sauce 12 oz

Love the slightly peachy background flavor. Smoky, sweet sauce that is great on ribs.

Description: SuckleBusters Spicy Peach BBQ sauce is made with real peaches. We use tree-ripened peaches as a base for this light-hearted sauce. It has a sweet, tangy and slightly smoky flavor with a slight touch of spicy heat. It is excellent on lighter meats like fish, chicken and pork. Several competition BBQ cooks use this sauce for glazing ribs before turn-in. The light sweetness of the peaches really comes through with a subttle, but great, sweet flavor. This sauce is sure to be your favorite. All natural – No Bad Stuff.

Ingredients: Peaches, water, brown sugar, pure cane sugar, natural smoke flavor, salt, spices and xanthan gum (for thichness).

BBQ Sauce 12 oz

Not too tangy, sweet, delicious. This one has a slight bite. Excellent on brisket. Turns you BBQ sandwich into something amazingly delicious. Tasty, mellow flavor addition to the meal.

SuckleBusters Original BBQ Sauce wins 6 Major Awards from 2009 – 2011:

– Chile Pepper Magazines – Fiery Food Challenge

– Best of the Best BBQ Sauce Contest

– Silver Scovie Award for All Natural BBQ Sauce

– 2009 & 2010 First Place at the Natlional BBQ Associations BBQ Sauce Contest

– First Place 2011 American Royal – World Serires of BBQ Sauce

This is the winningest BBQ Sauce in Texas!

This all natural BBQ sauce is Sweet and Tangy and Spicy. It has a slightly smoky flavor plus a little kick of heat and is an excellent all-around BBQ sauce. Great for Grilling! Use it on barbecue beef, briskets, steaks, ribs, chicken, sausage, pork, seafood, turkey or any grilled food to bust out a good barbecue flavor. Baste it on during the last few minutes of grilling to create a sticky-sweet layer of barbecue flavor or pour it on just before serving. It makes a great dipping sauce and kids love it too! All natural – No Bad Stuff.

Ingredients: Vinegar, water, brown sugar, tomato paste, pure cane sugar, natural smoke flavor, salt, spices, xanthan gum.

SuckleBusters even has a “No Bad Stuff Guarantee”

Our Guarantee – No Bad Stuff!

SuckleBusters No Bad Stuff Guarantee: No MSG, No Artificial Preservatives and we only use All Natural ingredients. We use the highest quality spices and ingredients we can find.  Our bulk spice supplier has been in business for over 130 years and is recognized throughout the world for providing the highest quality products.“Bad Stuff” we DO NOT use in our products: Artificial ingredients, MSG, Bleached ingredients, products with genetically altered enzymes, hydrogenated oil, hydrolized oils, fillers, anti-caking agents, chemicals or products that require excessive amounts of processing. The list (unfortunately) is growing.“Good Stuff” we use (instead) in our products: Pure sea salt, turbinado sugar, 100% pure cane juice, and all natural spices. We add small amounts (less than 1%) of xanthan gum or corn starch, as all-natural thickeners. We use vinegar as a preservative in our sauces.Much of the “Bad Stuff” we see in food products today are used to thicken, extend shelf life or just plain cost less than the real thing and in our opinion, are just not necessary. By using creative recipes and keeping a keen eye on quality we make our products the old fashioned way, using fresh, wholesome ingredients. We found that not only are the all natural ingredients better for you, it tastes better too! At SuckleBusters we make wholesome and healthy food without sacrificing taste.

Want to know just exactly what a SuckleBuster is? Click here to find out.

SuckleBusters sells products in these great categories:

  • BBQ Rubs
  • BBQ Sauces
  • Bulk Spices
  • Gift Baskets and Combos
  • Pepper Sauce
  • Salsa
  • Seasonings
  • Texas GunPowder

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Ready to buy?  Head on over to SuckleBusters and get ya some of these delicious products. They even have a store locator to find SuckleBusters near you.


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