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The Butch Bakery Cookbook

I love cupcakes. I mean really good cupcakes. If I am going to pack on the calories the flavor has to be worth it. I received a copy of  “The Butch Bakery Cookbook” for review. This cookbook is packed with full flavor cupcake creations. These are not you sissy, flower topped cupcakes you find at bridal showers and children’s parties. These are “Manly” cupcakes. The recipe I made is entitled “Home Run”. This is a Peanut Butter Cupcake with Banana Buttercream topped with Butch’s Bacon Bits. Yes I said Bacon. Quit sneering. The addition of bacon was unique and pretty darn good. The cupcake itself is super moist and delicious. The Fizzy Banana Filling rocks the flavor. The Banana Buttercream is creamy and wonderful. And the  bacon. well I guess there is no place bacon can’t go now. I do love my bacon.

The cookbook itself is really cool. The world of cupcakes has been changed forever with these yummy and totally unique recipes. The Butch Bakery is well organized. They have a toolbox for those that do not know their way around the kitchen. It even goes into such detail for those that are unfamiliar with some of the ingredients. The photography is excellent. Pics are a must for cookbooks in my opinion. This is a great cookbook for anyone. A really creative gift idea.


By David Arrick
With Janice Kollar

David Arrick’s Butch Bakery creates cupcakes like nobody else. You can forget the pretty sparkles and the flowers on top, forget the pastel concoctions for weddings and baby showers—these cupcakes are decidedly adult and down-right delicious. Now, fans can get their fix any time day or night with THE BUTCH BAKERY COOKBOOK (Wiley Harcover; October 10, 2011; $19.99)—a collection of more than 30 break-the-mold cupcake recipes, including the 12 daring varieties that first put the bakery on the map.

Butch Bakery was born in 2009, when David felt it was time to combine a masculine aesthetic to the traditionally cutsie cupcake. When a magazine article mentioned that cupcakes were a combination of everything “pink, sweet, cute, and magical” David felt it was time to take action and craft some cupcakes with a decidedly masculine point-of-view.

THE BUTCH BAKERY COOKBOOK offers cupcakes for the twenty-first century—filled with contemporary, inventive flavors like bacon, whiskey, coffee, and cayenne pepper. These sweets are serious – delightfully different and dangerously delicious. Here’s just a taste of what’s in store:

  • Who says you can’t have chocolate for breakfast? The Wake Up Call is a coffee and Kahlúa-infused chocolate cupcake with a serious coffee buttercream frosting.
  • Peanut butter and bananas are a match made in heaven. The Home Run is a rich peanut butter cupcake topped with super creamy banana buttercream – a Butch Bakery favorite. And what makes them a home run? Adding crispy bacon bits on top!
  • There’s nothing like an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day, so why not make a cupcake with beer? The Beer Run starts with chocolate cake and stout beer (like Guinness), and gets topped with creamy vanilla frosting and crushed chocolate-covered pretzels.
  • Or if you insist on kid-friendly fair, try Camp Out – a graham cracker and milk chocolate-swirled vanilla cinnamon cupcake with more milk chocolate and toasted marshmallow on top.

The “Cupcake Bootcamp,” “Supply Cabinet,” and “Baker’s Dozen” are also provided here to give home cooks all the necessary tips, tricks and resources to create these unique recipes at home. There’s even a section devoted to creating the Butch Bakery’s famed chocolate discs— in marble, plaid, and camouflage patterns – which give the cupcakes their signature look.

For anyone who wants a dessert that challenges the taste buds with modern flavors and inspired ingredients, THE BUTCH BAKERY COOKBOOK delivers the goods.


David Arrick is a former actor, personal trainer, and lawyer who left Wall Street to found Butch Bakery in 2009. He started Butch Bakery to bring a product to New York City that was completely unique and totally unprecedented. It was time for a bakery that produced masculine themed products, but stayed far away from the cliché—in other words, no “golf tee” or “baseball” cupcakes, but would have products that guys would love. Butch Bakery has enjoyed a flood of media, from ABC News and The Wall Street Journal to Daily Candy and Cosmopolitan. The company’s website is

Janice Kollar was the owner of Kollar Cookies in New York for more than twelve years. The Food Network recently named her Classic Four Layer Chocolate Cake the best cake in the country.

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  1. Bacon Cupcake. Very interesting.

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