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101 Burgers and Sliders

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Classic and gourmet recipes for the most popular fast food

Oh burgers, how I love thee. There are so many awesome burgers in the world. You just can’t stop at trying one or two of the varieties available. You need to set your taste buds free and try out some of the many different options. You can learn about a few of the great burgers and sliders out there in “101 Burgers & Sliders” from Ryland Peters and Small.

Each delicious sounding recipe in this book is accompanied by a full color photograph of the dish. Whether you prefer your burgers and sliders with beef, lamb, veggies or something else “101 Burgers & Sliders” has a recipe for you. Some of my favorites include: Deep-Fried Buttermilk Chicken Burger, Big Breakfast Burger, Burnt Ends Burger (if you don’t know what Burnt Ends are you are going to need to head to a really good BBQ joint and find out) Chinese Crispy Duck Sliders. Y’all don’t get me started on the sides. There are even recipes for different sauces and mayos. If you like burgers and sliders you are going to want this book.

Check Out the Table of Contents:

  • Simply Delicious
  • Spice Up Your Life
  • Flavours of the World
  • Party-Time Patties
  • Meat-Free Treats
  • Dirty Burgers
  • Posh Patties
  • Side Orders


The once humble burger has become the pinnacle of modern fast-food culture—now you can make all the classics plus inspired gourmet versions of big burgers (and their chic little cousins, the sliders) at home.
The whole world has gone burger-crazy, and for good reason actually—those first bites of a juicy burger are one of life’s simple, unadulterated pleasures (there may be a few calories but that’s what cheat days, Mondays, Fridays and general celebrations are for right?!). There is nothing like that rush of satisfaction that only comes from a perfectly cooked patty served just the way you like it, with crisp salad, oozing cheese and piquant sauce. Everyone’s got a favorite, whether it’s a crispy deep-fried buttermilk chicken with blue cheese and hot sauce, a classic beef, pickles and ketchup or a mushroom and halloumi burger with all the trimmings. They don’t even have to be calorific these days and the range of properly delicious veggie burgers available has set a new standard for vegetarian and vegan comfort food.
With this book there is no need to trek out to an overpriced burger joint when you can quickly and easily whip up something just as delicious at home. Try something new with the inspired takes on sauce ideas: from tzatziki with lamb burgers to apple and chile relish with pork patties. Classic burger buns are always a favorite, but just wait until you try the naan bun with a curried vegetable patty or the pretzel bun with a salt beef patty—the exciting flavour combinations are seemingly endless.
Whether you are after the biggest, meanest meatiest tower or a light and delicious vegan number made with fresh nutritious sauces, find your perfect patty right here in these pages. Serve the simpler recipes for weeknight family dinners, slinky sliders are perfect for entertaining friends and you could even use the best gourmet recipe to woo someone special…after all, the ability to make a great burger says a lot about a person. Chapters are divided into Simple Classics, Party-time Patties, Veggie Heaven, Super-size Stacks, Virtuous Burgers and Adventurous Ideas.

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